Peter Kneebone

Nuneaton H300

Music is Peter’s passion and drive. When he sings, his warm voice, enthusiasm and sincerity make the music he performs infectious and joyful, even when interpreting a touching ballad.
With his impressive vocal range and repertoire, he delivers everything you would expect from a professional singer.


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* Testimonial 1 *

"Dedication to the art of singing is the mark of a true professional.
Pete has proved his mastery of the voice and delivers songs with ease and a quality that is very rare in modern performers.
Pete is not only a singer, he is an experience. Every song is an uplifting joy taking audiences on a journey of hit songs and amazing versatility.
If you get the opportunity to see Pete perform, grab it and treat yourself to an evening in the hands of a professional entertainer”...

* Testimonial 2 *

"Peter Kneebone, known on the circuit as Mister B, the singing pocket battleship packs the biggest punch possible when it comes to the sounds from his vocal chords. He's magic, time and time and time again. Sometimes I feel desperately sorry for a guy who SHOULD be singing to full houses in the TRNC every night. Battle Mister B, he's the admiral of the TRNC music fleet"