Peter Kneebone



I started singing in my bedroom when i was a young lad, along to my then favourite singer Elvis Presley.
In my teens I had a little group going with some friends of mine but just at home for our own pleasure.

In 1977 I sang at my brothers wedding at the age of 17.

In 1980 I sang out in Cyprus in a restaurant every Saturday for the month of my holiday there.
Upon my return, I was offered a gig singing in a London restaurant every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
In November 1981 I got married and soon after had to give up singing for many years owing to marital commitments.

In 2005 I decided to take some vocal training and joined a local “Stage and vocal training” company where I had one to one Classical training. 
After 10 months, I decided to have training in a type of “Speech level singing” style with a well known vocal coach in Kent which I attended for 4 years.
In 2008 I was on stage at Blue Water Shopping Centre for their “Winter Wonderland” show, being the sole entertainer that evening seen by thousands.

In 2011 I went off to North Cyprus to sing full time after a lot of interest from various Hotels and Restaurants.
I was given a residency at a 5 star hotel 2 nights a week.
I performed in Cyprus for 2 years until my return to UK.

I have been singing all over Kent (Where I live) and also London, Essex, East Sussex, Eastbourne and even up in Nuneaton.

In 2018 I sang at a Wedding in Chianti, Italy.

I am lucky enough to be acquiring more and more bookings every year.

Thank you to everyone who has booked me and continues to use my services and help me along the way!